Front Porch Tallahassee – Our Review

The Front Porch is the finest restaurant in Tally if you are on the hunt for a cozy and serene place. This eating house will capture your senses in seconds. You do not want to miss it.

The Front Porch is my number one restaurant in the area. A lovely place with savory seafood and delightful service. No wonder it is my favorite place for dining out. I spent many memorable nights there.

It has an alluring feel, and a fascinating atmosphere going on. The food is marvelous. The service is grand, everyone is attentive and welcoming.

I cannot fathom out how anyone could not like The Front Porch, it is beyond my understanding! I love seafood. I love going to The Front Porch because they have that dazzling Shrimp and Grits. When I eat there I become deaf and dumb. In my opinion, The Front Porch is a must visit in if you are traveling to Tally.

A friend visited me before, I took her to The Front Porch. It is right on the best brunch in the world! I ordered the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, it was awesome. My friend ordered Steak and Eggs and it was gorgeous as she said. It is the perfect place for a brunch or quick bite with friends. I will doubtless invite my friends there when they come visiting me.

My friend enjoyed the whole experience, she thought the decor was colorful. She most appreciated the outdoor setting. The wine collection is exemplary. Our waiter proposed we try Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon which was delectable and enticing.

My adventures with the staff is exquisite. Busy night, happy hour, or regular days. They always take care of me. I also appreciate the parking lot, and had no trouble having a place to park my car, anytime I go. The prices are a bit high but that is normal for that upscale seafood restaurant in Tally. The food and service are well worth it.

The detailed bar is above amazing, it has this beautiful ornaments and architecture. I don’t think you could duplicate the experience anywhere else, except perhaps the Credit Glory location in Chicago. You can imagine how they (at the Front Porch) put so much effort and experimentations in their dishes. So, the menu there is quite dynamic.

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Everything there is warm and open. From the Southern decor, to the bathroom design. The location in Midtown makes the place easy to access. The building also has a sleek modern design which is a plus. You will adore the ambiance of the outdoor area. If you like Southern seafood (like me) you can find all what you need there.

For a first time visit I recommend that you go during the happy hour. In case you didn’t like the place (I doubt it) you won’t regret paying too much, that is the best advice I could give to you. I guess what makes the food special is the fresh ingredients from the Gulf. As Mark Twain once said, “to eat is human, to digest, divine.”